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Now find me a child who doesn’t love books about dinosaurs.  Stories about monsters–preferably silly or not-so-scary are also big hits. I only have a few books here to share and expect to hear from all of you about some of your favorite dinosaur and monster books.  Depending on the age of your listeners or readers, you can always talk about the different names of the dinosaurs, theories about how they became extinct, what they eat, the difference between dinosaurs and mammals, what animals are alive today that are closest relatives of dinosaurs and what’s the difference between a dinosaur and a monster.  Of course, you’ll have that discussion first about what extinct means and try to steer them away from talking about things that stink—ha-ha.  It’s a good time to go to the library together and hunt down fiction and non-fiction books about dinosaurs.  I guarantee–they will be a hit!  Here are a few to consider.  My granddaughter likes them all!



     How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?  By Jane Yolen/  illustrated by Mark Teague

Anyone out there have trouble with the youngsters when it’s time to go to bed?   Come on now…admit it.  This is the book for you!  Read it together and you all might have more pleasant nighttime routines.  It’s worth a try anyway, plus the illustrations are awesome and will make you smile.  Each time you read it (maybe every night!) let the little ones guess how the dinosaur will behave.  Of course, you’ll want to compare it with their very good behavior at night.  I loved it!  Ages 2-5

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? By Jane Yolen/ illustrated by Mark Teague

Everybody knows kids love dinosaurs—especially if you can make them cute and non-threatening…at least to 1-6 yr. olds.  This book will be a big hit, especially when you read to a little guy or girl who is not feeling so well and might need a visit to the doctor’s office.  Those tantrums and screaming/sobbing fits might be eliminated after reading this together.  Well…maybe not eliminated, but the decibels might be less!  The bold illustrations will be fun even for the really youngest listeners.  Ages 2-5


      Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs by Ian Whybrow/ illustrated by Adrian Reynolds

This is the best!  Harry finds a bucketful of old plastic dinosaurs up in his attic that he takes excellent care of, only to lose them on a train.  As expected, he is heart-broken but all good things happen to little boys who take good care of their pet dinosaurs and this is no exception.  Check it out.  The boys will love it and so will the girls!  Sweet story.  Ages 2-6


     Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! By Sandra Boynton

You’ve probably seen Sandra Boynton’s greeting cards, but this is a pretty cute book—especially to go along with the dinosaur theme.  The little ones will like the pictures and have fun turning the sturdy pictures to see all sorts of silly dinosaurs.  They can learn some new vocabulary while they’re at it.  Which one is your favorite?  Ages 1-4


     Dinosaurs Halloween by Liza Donnelly

For some inexplicable reason, my 4 yr. old granddaughter LOVES Halloween books all year round and this is her most recent favorite.  It’s not an earth shattering dinosaur story, but a good one to help teach kids about bullying.  It’s a good story to remind kids that even little guys have bigger siblings and friends so….don’t mess with them!  Ages 3-6


      Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley

While this is not technically a dinosaur book, it falls into that “Monster Book” category and is a good one for the younger kiddos. Scary things always seem to appear around bedtime and prevent “lights out” with a bit of a scene, so try this book at bedtime.  The clever cut outs will be fun for the little guys and the bold colors will just pop out for them.  Kids will feel like they actually have control over those nighttime monsters.  Don’t forget There’s a Nightmare in My Closet by Mercer Mayer while you’re at it—one of our all time faves! Ages 1-4


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